Welcome to AnemOS GNU/Linux

AnemOS is a Debian based Linux distro.
It’s built using the same tools the official Debian live images are built with!

AnemOS comes with LXQt Desktop Environment and carefully selected lightweight apps so you get the fastest experience possible.

Applications that come pre-installed with anemOS include:

Desktop & File Manager: PCManFM (file manager of LXDE/GTK)
Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox
Office Suite: LibreOffice
Audio Player: Audacious Qt
Video Player: SMPlayer
Archive Utility: Engrampa Archive Manager (archive utility for MATE)
Picture Viewer: LXImage-Qt (image viewer for LXQt)
Image Editor: GIMP

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or higher
RAM: 400MB RAM or more
HDD: 10GB or more

Note: You may be able to use anemOS with even lower specs than the ones listed above. However performance and responsiveness especially when browsing the web may vary.

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