Tuesday, September 12, 2017

anemOS Stretch 9.1 released !

Hello world!
I hope you had an awesome summer like I did.

Debian Stretch has been out for quite some time now, currently at 9.1 release.

anemOS of course had to keep up with the current Debian Stable line of releases so it it now time(finally) to push the very first version of anemOS based on Stretch!

As explained in an earlier post XFCE got a little more middleweight for old computers and after some testing I've decided I'll have this version to use LXQt as the default desktop.

I've also changed quite a lot of the installed apps and replaced them with alternative lightweight Qt options.

As usual you can grab the release from our sourceforge page, available here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/anemos/

I hope you find this release even faster than the previous ones.

Make sure to check the FAQ and screenshots for updated content!
Till the next release,
have fun using anemOS!