Friday, June 2, 2017

Debian Stretch coming out June 17 - anemOS switching to LXQt

Hello world!
There is some great news about Debian and anemOS alike!

Stretch is to be released on June 17 according to this

Debian 9 (or Stretch) will bring a lot of changes including newer package versions.

anemOS will follow and change its base from Jessie to Stretch accordingly.

During the transitioning phase though XFCE started to show increased RAM usage while nothing apart from the newer packages was changed.

I decided to give LXQt a try and was not disappointed with the result.

This is after logging in with compositing enabled, Faba icon theme and all applications anemOS comes with installed!
It's even lighter than XFCE!

XFCE on Stretch was consuming at least 120 MB of RAM on boot without compositing and if using Faenza or Faba icon themes it jumped to 135-150 MB. Definitely a lot for a 512MB machine.

While RAM usage is definitely not everything regarding being lightweight it really helps in low-RAM systems. LXQt feels really polished and smooth as is now to serve as the default anemOS desktop.

Of course those who have anemOS already installed won't be affected by this change. Your wonderful XFCE desktop will continue to function properly. If you upgrade to Stretch you may notice the increased RAM usage too though.

If you want to try anemOS LXQt you will have to wait for Debian Stretch release.

I will try to push an LXQt .iso as soon as Stretch is released.

I also consider an amd64 release as well since some friends asked for an anemOS release for their modern machines. I consider making some small changes like the amd64 image using Kwin as a window manager instead of xfwm for i686.
Who knows...Till then continue enjoying anemOS!