Thursday, March 30, 2017

anemOS jessie (2017/03) .iso released!

After almost six months from the previous jessie release, it's time to provide a newer version of anemOS.

This release brings the following changes:

* organized the 'start' Menu so it's more clear and displays no duplicate-entries
* included thesaurus and dictionaries for many languages in LibreOffice
* updated mimeapps.list to fix some files not opening with the correct program
* resized alsa-mixer so it fits better in smaller displays
* included Synaptic package manager since a lot of people use it
* removed some Themes
and of course newer package versions from Debian repositories

If you already have anemOS installed on your computer, you do not have to install this release unless you would like to start fresh.
This release just brings updated package versions & a few more pre-configurations so you spent less time around tweaking the system after installation.

As always you can grab the latest release from here